User Guide

This package is a collection of apps, files, and pages that are organized to make finding a particular song quick and easy. Once in the song's page, there are a multitude of tools that can make playing (and singing) the song a much more pleasant effort.

Being a "collection" requires access to all of the package to use any part of it. You have two options:
1) Run the package on the Internet from our website; or
2) Download the package to your device and run it offline.

To run the package on the Internet, all you need is a browser. Go to our website, click on the [Run] button and use the package. This may run slowly, depending on your Internet service, and will use your data. But this option requires no special setup on your device or computer.

Downloading to your device is as simple as clicking the "Download" button. Once the download is complete, install it just like you would any other app.

You will spend most of your time in two or three pages:
Home Page is the entry into the package,
Index Page is a list of all the songs in the package,
Song Page displays the song and contains several useful tools.

Each page has links to help files, and this page collects them all into one place.

Home Page

This is your entry into the application. Its main purpose is to provide a link to the Index Page, or to help files. It contains information about the collection of songs in the package, and maybe some tips or hints about particular songs. This page is readily accessed from the Index Page via the [Home] button.

Index Page

This page is organized to help you find a song quickly. Buttons at the top take you to locations in the Index, Top of the Index Page, or to the Home Page.

Links to two additional index pages are found at the top of the list:
The Key Word Index helps you find a song if you can only remember a key word in the song,
First Line Index helps you find a song if you can remember the first line of the song.

Song Page

The Song Page is the reason for this entire package. This page contains the information you need to play, accompany, or sing the song. The ability to quickly transpose to another key is very handy. Instrument Tabs are readily available at the touch of a button. Lyrics contain the chords for those that want to sing and accompany themselves on the guitar (or mandolin, or ukulele, etc.).

Battery Usage

The Dark Mode of this application was designed with battery usage in mind. That is why we chose white characters on a black background. It allows you to turn your display brightness to a minimum and still have a good display. When OLED displays become more commonplace, battery life will extend even more because you will only be turning pixels on that are actually being used. Most of any display is black, the absence of light and thus no power is needed (in an OLED display) to display the black.

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