Master Index Explained

BUTTONS are a quick way to navigate through the index. The letters correspond to the first letter of a song name. This becomes very useful to quickly navigate to a song.

The [To TOP] button takes you to the top of the page.
The [Help] button takes you to the User Documentation page.
The [Home] button takes you to the Home Page.

BROWSER BACK BUTTON works just like you think it should. It takes you back to the previous screen. If, for example, you have navigated to another screen, use the back button to return to this screen. Or use the [Home] button to navigate to the Home Page and then back to the main index.

The name at the top of the page is information only. The name "Master Index" lets you know that you're in the master index for this package.

INDEX USER HELP is a convenient link to this page.

Each song's entry has two parts, Song Name and Song's Category

SONG NAME is a link to the song's page.

SONG CATEGORY is a link to the index page of that song's category.

PLAYLIST is a special category of index.
When you select a playlist from an Index page, the playlist takes you directly to the first song in that playlist.

The song page displays three additional buttons:
   [<--Prev]   [Playlist]   [Next-->]
The [<--Prev] and [Next-->] buttons let you navigate to the previous or next song at the touch of a single button. It is not necessary to navigate through an Index.

When you tap the [Playlist] button, you are taken to the Playlist page. The current entry in the playlist is hilighted. You navigate to any of the songs in the playlist by tapping on the song's name (and that song becomes the current entry).

To exit the Playlist, tap the [Home] button at the top of the page.


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