NOTSBA Old-Time Tunes Collection

(musicians) Welcome to the NOTSBA Old-Time Tunes collection.

For convenience, separate indexes of Old-Time tunes by key are available.

For NOTSBA members, a separate NOTSBA Tunes Index is available that contains only songs on the official NOTSBA tunes list. Note that these lists are ordered by key. The NOTSBA official tunes list is also available at the top and bottom of this index.

NOTSBA Tunes List A, G   NOTSBA Tunes List C, D

Other genres are available, feel free to poke around. You might find the Ragtime list interesting.

As far as I know, tunes in this collection are in the Public Domain. I have tried to avoid distribution of copyrighted content, but, you are responsible to insure the song you are playing in a for-profit venue is not copyrighted. Under copyright fair use, it is ok for you to view and play songs individually and in groups for learning purposes.

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