T:Silver Star M:2/4 K:G I:C:GGGG A7A7A7A7 D7D7D7D7 EmEmDD (1X) I:C:GGGG A7A7A7A7 D7D7D7D7 GGGG (1X) I:C:CCFF CCCC G7G7G7G7 CCCC (1X) I:C:CCFF CCCC D7D7G7G7 CCCC (1X)

X:1 T:Silver Star M:2/4 Q:1/4=70 %set tempo L:1/8 %transcribe from sheet music K:F "C7"zAB=B[|:"F"c/d/c/A/F2-|FF/G/ A/G/F|\ "G7"G/A/G/F/D2-|DD/E/ F/E/D| "C7"E/A/G/E/ D2-|1DC/D/ E/D/C|"Dm"D2A2|"C"cAB=B:||2DC/D/EA|"F"F4-|F P: P:Chorus K:Bb DE=E||"Bb"FF2=F|"Eb"GBAG|"Bb"FF2B|d4|\ "F7"FF2A|c4|"Bb"FF2B|d DE=E|| FF2^F|"Eb"GBAG|"Bb"FF2B|dFGF|\ "C7"=Ed2c|"F7"G2A2|"Bb"B4-|Bzz2|]
K:G There was a [G]dusky lit-tle maid In a lone-ly glade, [A7]Sang a ser-en-ade. Came a war-rior true, [D7]ev'-ry night to woo He would soft-ly coo, [Em]I love [D]you. On bend-ed [G]knee so faith-ful-ly he would ev-er be, [A7]Plead-ing earn-est-ly, be my pret-ty bride, [D7]O'er the prar-ies ride, be my sil-ver [G]star. {i}Chorus:{/i} {i}We will be [C]dream-ing by [F]camp-fires gleam-ing,{/i} {i}[C]in lands a-far, [G7]Tell me you are, [C]My Sil-ver Star.{/i} {i}We'll go a creep-ing, while [F]squaw is sleep-ing,{/i} {i}[C]There will be war, If we should [D7]tar-ry,{/i} {i}My [G7]Sil-ver [C]Star.{/i} Next morn-ing [G]just at break of day they were far a-way, [A7]Looking bright and gay, Chief was feel-ing blue, [D7]knew not what to do. Where they jour-neyed to, [Em]no one [D]knew. One day they [G]spied the blush-ing bride, on the praries wide, [A7]Rid-ing by his side, then he whise]pered how [D7]She is mine you know, she's my sil-ver [G]star. {i}Chorus{/i}