T:Cherry Orchard Waltz M:3/4 K:G I:C:GGGG CCGG CCGG A7A7DD7 (1X) I:C:GGGG CCB7B7 CCGG A7DGG (1X)

X:1 T:Down in the Old Cherry Orchard M:3/4 Q:1/4=160 L:1/4 K:G P:As played by Vesta Johnson zB,D[|:"G"DB,C|DGA|B>dB/2A/2|G>DE/2F/2|"C"GFG|AGE|"G"D2-D/2E/2|D^CD| "C"E>^DE/2F/2|GFE|"G"D3|B2c/2B/2|"A7"AEF|GAB|"D"A2-A/2B/2|"D7"AB,C|| ||"G"DB,C|DGA|B>dB/2A/2|G>DE/2F/2|"C"GFG|AGE|"B7"F3-|F>GF/2D/2| "C"E>DE/2F/2|GFE|"G"D3|B2c/2B/2|"A7"AEG|"D"FGA|"G"G3-|1GB,C:|]2G3|]
K:G [G]Down in the Old Cherry Orchard, [C]Under the Old Cherry [G]Tree, [C]Ev'ry night in the [G]moon's silver light, she'd [A7]sang her [Em]love to [D]me. 'Twas [G]there I fondled and kissed her; [C]She gave her heart there to [B7]me, [C]Down in the Old Cherry [G]Orchard, [A7]Under the [D]Old Cherry [G]Tree.