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Songs and Tunes have been collected in packages of similar genre.

(Notes on Staff)
FREE DEMO - A few songs from each package are gathered here to demonstrate the songs and use of the SongBuddy package on-line.   All package features are enabled.   This demonstration works only on-line.
(Acoustic Guitar)

FOLK SONGS - A collection of songs that are familiar to most folks.   These songs are not difficult to play or sing, and bring back good memories.
(Christmas Tree)

CHRISTMAS SONGS - Familiar songs of the Christmas season. This collection has the melody and lyrics of many of those happy, uplifting songs.

FIDDLER'S FAVORITES - From a world-wide survey of fiddlers, the most popular fiddle tunes are collected in this package.
OLD-TIME GOSPEL - A collection of Old-Time Gospel songs.

LIMITED DOWNLOADS - Each package can be downloaded to your PC for off-line use.